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Brand Campaign

A new Northern Territory master brand is challenging outdated perceptions of Australia’s northern-most territory by presenting the reality of the opportunity, ingenuity and lifestyle on offer for those willing to make the move.

Client: Northern Territory Government

Agency: The Royals
Creative Director: Stuart Nightingale
Senior Art Director: Ian Macmillan
Senior Copywriter: Gareth Downey
Designer: Gavin Wright
Account Manager: Claire Ambrosio

Brand Film
Director: Hossein Khodabandehloo
D.O.P: Jesse Gohier-Fleet
1st AC: Nathan Guy
Producer: Brenton Matulick
Field Producer: Emma Masters
Production Coordinator: Mardi Weston
Production Designer: Teresa Negroponte
Offline : Hossein K.
Online: Manimal Post
Post Sound: Dead on Sound

Director / D.O.P: Hossein Khodabandehloo
Producer: Brenton Matulick
Editor: Alec Mccloskey

PRESS: Campaign Brief

Portraying the voice of a state is no small task. The aspirations of the Territorians coupled with the huge amount of potential they hold makes for a magical experience. We see a collection of scenarios that ultimately came together to form a unified voice. From prominent figures to everyday Territorians, we set about exploring their daily lives and the developing state.

Hossein Khodabandehloo

+61 404 988 896hossein@hossein.film