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Follow For Follow
Short Tragicomedy

When an aspiring, narcissistic social media influencer gets lost in the woods, she meets a once powerful, ancient demigod fading into obscurity, who must take advantage of her manipulative social skills to get new followers, or he will cease to exist.

Writer/Director/E.P: Luke Danzig
Writer/Director/E.P: Lee Spencer-Michaelsen
E.P/Cinematographer: Hossein Khodabandehloo
Producer: Cecilia Low

@Soul Model: Felise Morales
Zernov: Leeroy Jankowski
Human Sacrifice: Martin Quinn
Follower: Selena Hema
Follower: Ryan Najelski
Follower: Aleks Smits
Follower: Paul Dichiera
Follower: Szu-Hua Chiu
Follower: Fu-Chun Hsu
Follower: Sean Cunningham

Casting: Studio P
Casting: Cecilia Low

1st AD: Qiao Li
2nd AD: Cecilia Low
3rd AD: Emma Gillet
Runner: Leah Orborn
Runner: Josh Wood
Script Supervisor: Paige Gibson

1st AC: Lewis Rodan
1st AC: Taylan Ceylon
1st AC: Konrad McArthy
2nd AC: Thomas Hingant
3rd AC: Simone Williams

Gaffer: Hamish Rayner
Gaffer: Konrad McCarthy
Lighting Assistant: Thomas Snowden
Lighting Assistant: Ian Vanermay
Lighting Assistant: Bailey Quinn
Fog Technician: Ian Vandermey

Sound Recordist: Bruce Armstrong
Sound Recordist: Brendan Muller

Production Designer: Bianca Milani
Wardrobe Designer: Gigi Savage
Art Department Coordinator: Karli Rose
Standby Props/Costume Assists: MJ Kim
Art Dept Assist: Will Roberst
Art Dept Assist: Leah Oborn
Costume/Production Assist: Romy Teubler
Production Assist/Location Scout: Emma Gillet

HMUA / SPFX Designer: Emily Stacey
HMUA / SPFX: Georgia Wholgemuth

Unit Manager: Cecilia Low
Unit Assists: Emma Gillett
Catering: Cecilia Low

Location Manager: Josh Woods
BTS Photographer: Rayne Boon Jing

Offline Editor: Ashlee Lukas
Online Editor: Aaron Carroll
VFX Artsist: Phillip Pryor
VFX Artsist: Adam Priest
VFX Artsist: Andrew Land
GFX: Ellen Valerio
Graphic Designs: Sean Cunningham
Grade: Nicholas Hower C.S.I @Postlab I.O
Composer: Marlon Grunden
Post Sound: Alchemy Post

Best short film cinematography | New York Cinematography Award
Best art direction | New York Cinematography Award
Best short film cinematography | Los Angeles Cinematography Award

When @SoulModel, an aspiring, narcissistic social media influencer, gets lost in the forest, she stumbles upon Zernov, a once-powerful, masked, ancient demigod, near death. He must take advantage of her fake altruistic methods of getting followers through social media, or he will cease to exist. Problem is, Zernov may have underestimated @SoulModel’s uncontrollable desire to become an Insta-God.

It’s about the power of gods and transference of power from the old world to the new world. From theism to individualism. From the follower to the followed.

Think Midsommar meets American Gods.

Hossein Khodabandehloo

+61 404 988 896hossein@hossein.film