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The Seashell
Short Drama

A young girl finds a seashell and holds it to her ear, expecting to hear peaceful ocean waves. Instead, she hears mother nature's disappointed son, Ricky, who's filling in for his busy mom.

Voiced by the legendary Jack Charles (Ricky), The Seashell highlights the enviromental plight we are currently facing.

Production House: iWill Productions
Executive Producer: Wilfred Fernandes
Writer: Jason Allen

Lauren: Connie Degnen
Ricky: Jack Charles
Mother nature: Francesca Waters

Producer: Kean Szcuzur
Director: Ron Kahlon
Cinematographer: Hossein Khodabandehloo
1st Camera Assistant: Lewis Rodan
2nd Camera Assistant: Daniel Cubias
B Camera : Konrad McCharty
Gaffer: Francis Leo
Gaffer assistant: Hannson Cheong
Location Sound: Talia Raso
1st AD: Melanie Killingsworth
Unit Manager: Flossy Harris
Data Wrangler: Josh Chiodo
HMU: Sylvia Chawla

Post Production
Editor: Sabine Batel
Designer: Eddie Greaves
Colourist: Nicholas Hower @ Post Lab I.O
Post Sound: Talia Raso @ Dead on Sound
Composer: Karel Havlicek

Hossein Khodabandehloo

+61 404 988 896hossein@hossein.film